Don't Build Integrations

Easily embed popular workflows into your site with Integrations.js. Be where work happens for your users.

Integrations to Match Your Users' Workflows

Three Core Integration Types


Trigger workflows in other products, without leaving your site



Export data from your site into Google Sheets, or other reporting tools



View profile information for people mentioned on your page


Save loads of engineering time

Setup in 60 seconds

Free, open source and easy

Paste a single snippet

Integrations.js is free, open source, and easy to add to your site (just copy/paste). Power integrations with contextual data from your page.


Clicks. Not code.

Choose integrations

Once you've added Integrations.js, your team can enable new integrations at the click of a button - without additional engineering work.

Users do more from your site

Be home base for users

Users shouldn't have to bounce between products to get work done. Provide a great experience by integrating your users' most common workflows into your site.

Instant tmp

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See it in Action

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